Bryn Mawr Stained Glass -  Beautiful and decorative objects for your home

We are traditional stained glass lead light makers
We are a husband and wife team who started making stained glass as a hobby which turned into a passion 15years ago.  
Established in 1999, we design, make and restore stained glass windows of any style or period for clients throughout most of Gwynedd  All our products are handmade  using traditional methods thus ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality.

The maintenance and conservation of original glasswork is an important part of our work we can help ensure that any original stained glass survives for many more years to come
Small repairs of individual glass breaks can be done in situ. However this is not ideal as old lead will have deteriorated and there is a risk of further damage during the work, and it is extremely difficult if not impossible to solder on the vertical.