Bryn Mawr Stained Glass -  Beautiful and decorative objects for your home

As you can see this window panel was very badly broken. glass was loose in the lead, some missing completely and the cement had deteriorated. Sadly we mistakenly deleted the photo of the window after repair, however it does show that no matter in what condition your door or window panel may be it's unlikely that we wouldn't be able return it to its former glory. 

017window panel very badly broken and with pieces missing

A simple geometric design, but very effecive.

A much more complex design over 3 panels, 

This would be ideal over a front door,
there are hundreds of patterns to choose from or we could design a one off from an idea of your own.

As you can see from the bottom picture this was another panel with lots of broken glass.
Often the glass is very old, so in this case we were very relieved that no damage was done to that centre yellow piece as it would have been impossible to find an exact replacement. Although we can usually find glass to match either colour or texture. Many of the patterns of glass produced a hundred years ago are no longer available.

044007                                                        The lady who commissioned this                                                                  wanted a stylized portrayal of a                                                                     chrysanthemum.

                                                           A lovely door panel typical of the Edwardian style.     


The two following panels are actually mirrors which I designed but they would work equally well in a door or window.




the lettering in this panel BMSG or Bryn Mawr Stained Glass shows what can be done. Would you like to see your house name above the door?