Bryn Mawr Stained Glass -  Beautiful and decorative objects for your home

dismantled and now in the process of being re-madeThis is a picture of a panel in dire need of some TLC.  It is at present held together by lots of sticky stuff. The central bird motif is unusually not a painted panel, but glass has been chosen to represent the various parts of the bird and then leaded together in the normal way. We have almost completed the remake and will be posting  pictures of it very soon.

These are just some of the 9 panels which we we have now repaired.  They have been  reinstalled in the Canonry opposite the Cathedral in Bangor Gwynedd . The trees showing behind the panels add an extra dimension to the patterns, especially the ones in clear glass.

Here they are! What a difference, beautifully clear, broken glass replaced and all new lead, should last another 100 years.